Friday, May 2, 2014

Half way through first quarter

So I am finally half way through my first quarter! I really cannot believe how fast time is flying by. I am still getting use to classes and I am still trying to learn every ones name. I definitely feel more comfortable with my teachers and my classmates. This upcoming week is nurses week and there will be a lot of events going on at school with the students nurses association (SNA). I plan on joining in on a few activities to get service credits and social credits for my first quarter of participating in the SNA. All of my classes seem to be going really well!! I have been able to maintain an good GPA so far. I have a few papers and a project coming up in the next couple of weeks and I also have my first hesi midterm the first week of June.  I am not stressing to much on the next couple of weeks.  

For anyone who is interested in my study schedule or any tips that have worked for me so far...

- When you get your syllabus write all of the reading assignments, hw assignments , tests and quizzes down on a calendar. If you are working while you are in school, write it down onto the calendar . Plan your study time and plan your free time to relax!!!!

-Make sure you excel on the easy points. Doing your lab homework, being prepared for quizzes, do the hesi quiz questions. This may make or break your grade at the end of the semester!!!!

-If your have a project or a paper, do it weeks in advance. That way you do not have to cram it into one week. Usually projects tend to end up on the busiest weeks and you will feel stressed out.

- Study every single day. This has helped me tremendously!!! I usually have several chapters to read each week. I will read one chapter a day. When I am reading I make sure that I am understanding what I am reading. I then do the lab work book that goes with the chapters that I read. The lab book has quizzes and I try to answer them with out looking up the answer and then review which ones I missed an why I missed them. I then talk to my boyfriend, my parents, fellow classmates and my sister about what I learned from reading. THIS WAS KEY FOR ME.  I also made note cards for important lab values, bolded words/ concepts, and abnormal findings ( which I can review for my hesi midterm & final / nclex)

-Making friends to study with. I am not a study group kind of person, but I have found it helpful to get to class early and quiz other classmates on the information. Also, It helps when I am not understanding the information. I am able to ask for help.

-DO NOT procrastinate on anything. Get it done

-Do not miss class. Classes are usually once a week for three hours for the first semester. You WILL be lost. And DSN has a policy where you can only miss two days for school for the quarter/ class or you will fail.

- Take a break and have some time for yourself. What ever helps you relax, make sure you add it to your schedule or you will feel overwhelmed. Trust me, an hour break will do wonders!!!

The Student Nurse (TSN)

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