Monday, June 30, 2014

I survived first quarter!

First quarter is officially over!! YAY. I survived. I will give you a rundown of what has been going on in classes.

A LOT of studying happened. With classes underway I was writing papers, studying for my hesi exams for my health assessment class, practicing my head to toe examination in my health assessment and finishing up my group presentation for health assessment. Since I had made several close friends I was able to form study groups which really helped me a lot!!!

The dreaded hesi wasn't to bad for me. The first time I took it I received an 88% and the second time I received  a 92%. Some of my classmates were not as luck as me and did not score very well. There is really no way to be 100% prepared for the tests. Luckily, our teacher handed out several packets of information in hopes to help us. The first test I reviewed all of the information that I had learned from class and then I studied the packet of questions that our teach had given us. The second test I asked other cohorts how to study. Most of their advice was to study the handout that had subjects that were asked on previous hesi's. I did this and also reviewed all the information that we had learned, I really focused on test and abnormals. That definitely helped me out. I felt more prepared and knew the answers. Although every one is different. Some of the other students I studied with did not feel prepared and did not do well.

All in all I had a good quarter. I stayed on top of my work and tried to do it a head of time. I studied my little but off.  I ended the quarter with an A in Topics of Professional Nursing and B in Health Assessment ( just one tenth of a point away from an A, sooo close).

Now I am on my two week break from school!! I really needed it.

                                          This is after our first hesi!

Picked up my 2nd quarter books!! Im excited for my next quarter.

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