Friday, March 28, 2014

The weeks coming up to the first Quarter

It has been a while since my last post! So I will fill you in with all of the details from the week before. I have about one week before my first quarter of classes start!

I have finally received my  class schedule! I am so excited to start this new adventure. Luckily my class times are in the middle of the day. I have classes Monday - Wednesday, one class per day. I had already taken pathophysiology, which means that I do not have to take it this semester. YAY! It definitely frees up my schedule and makes this transition a lot smoother. I have thought a lot about whether I wanted to drive and park my car downtown or if I wanted to take the light rail and walk to school. I have officially decided that I will be taking the light rail, which is definitely new. I rarely take the light rail, so I did a test run on the way to my orientation. It was so easy and the walk was not bad at all! During orientation the staff mentioned that a new (FREE) bus stop was going to be put in near the school which will take you back and forth from the light rail. It should be up and running this summer. This is exciting news because I was dreading the winter time and walking in the snow.

I had my orientation yesterday! It was interesting to see all the other new students and hear about their backgrounds. I was lucky and sat next to a few girls who were in my cohort and in my lab group! When we checked in at orientation we were given two pairs of scrubs! SOO EXITED, this is starting to feel so real! We also were given a flash drive and a packet of paper with a lot of information. As orientation proceeded we were introduced to all of the faculty and the different departments in the school. We received a tutorial now how to use our email, jupiter grades ( which will be turning into blackboard soon), and the school website. Next, we were given more information about our schedules. The BSN completion program was split into two cohorts, Group A and Group B. Each cohort had a different schedule of classes. I was assigned to Group B! So Group B will be my school family through out the next 21 months. The groups were broken down into 4 smaller groups for labs, I was assigned to the 4th Group.  After we talked about our class schedules we got a tour to the lab! We met our teacher for our health assessment class. She gave us home work that is due on our first day of lecture and the first day of lab. After we talked with our health assesment teacher we were given a DSN t-shirt and backpack which had all of our books in them!
I have one more week before I start my classes. I am so excited to start this new academic adventure!!

TSN (The Student Nurse)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Help me pay for nursing school!

Hi Friends and Family!

As you may know, or not know, I have just been excepted into a Bachelors Nursing program at Denver School of Nursing. I hope this isn't too presumptuous, but I could really use some financial help. Although I have loans to cover my tuition, any sort of donation would be of great help!!! The money that I raise will go toward my past school loans and my current loans for the nursing degree.

  Please take a look at my page!