Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Even though I have already signed for enrollment, it was great to get my acceptance letter in the mail. It made this experience more official! I am proud to have it hanging on my fridge!!!

Also, I am excited to be starting a new job. Currently I work as a personal care worker, but I have just accepted a cna position at a retirement community near my house. It is not my first job as a cna, but I am excited to start this new position. I begin my new hire orientation on March 17th, which is the same day that I will be getting my first quarter schedule for school! I can't wait!!! After orientation I have two weeks of training. I am so lucky that they will be working around my new student orientation for nursing school, which is March 27th. I have a busy month coming up!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Process

After graduation I took some class to get my gpa higher. And then the process began. I searched and searched for schools to apply. Unfortunately I was not qualified to apply to many of them due to mediocre gpa. This process was hard. I wanted to go to nursing school so bad, but I had kicked myself in the butt by not getting good grades. FINALLY I found a school, who had just received proper accreditation, that I could apply to. Just in time too! I had a week to turn in an application for a July start date. I quickly filled out my application along with all the necessary items that needed to be included and sent it in. Now the waiting begins...

Two weeks after turning in my application I was contacted by the Denver School of Nursing. (This was quicker that usual!) They stated that I had made it through the first part of the admissions process and asked if I was interested in moving to an April start date since there were available spots.  I couldn't believe it!! Not only did I make it past the first part of the admissions process, but now I was moving up to an earlier start date. Of course I said yes to an earlier start date!! 

A week later I was contacted by an admissions representative where I selected a date for an interview and a school tour! I couldn't be more happier. Let me tell you those THREE weeks were the longest weeks of my life. Finally the day came, I had my interview and tour. It was AWESOME!!!! I picked a date to take my entrance exam ( two days after my interview) and was given a book to study from.  The last part of my interview was the school tour!!!  

My next step in the process was taking an entrance exam, the dreaded HESI test. Luckily I had been studying for the test for a month. I WAS READY.

I used this book to help me study! It was a lot of help. It had several other entrance exam tests to study from.

Morning of the test:
I left early because I had to drive in Denver rush hour traffic. Once I got to school I waited in the lobby while other students arrived to take the test. After 20 minutes of waiting in the lobby the proctor came to take us to the computer lab. After almost 3 hours of test taking, I finished my test. I PASSED!!!! I had to get a 75% or higher on the english portion and math portion. I kicked butt with an 84% in both categories and passed with flying colors. After I printed out my test results I went back to my admissions rep to sign a document for enrollment. THIS WAS SOO EXCITING. My highlight of the day was sizing for my scrubs!!

I cant believe that I am FINALLY accepted in to a nursing school. It is so surreal. My next step is to have a meeting with financial aid to iron out all of the kinks. In a few weeks I will have more exciting news about school that I can't wait to share.

TSN ( The Student Nurse)

In the beginning - Trials and Tribulations

My life long dream of becoming a nurse started in high school. I was in my senior year and my dad was asking me what I'd like to major in when I went off to college. I thought about it hard. Most of my life I have always had a passion of helping other people. Whether it was on the soccer field with ice packs, ibuprofen and bandages or at home with NyQuil, taking temperatures and providing a blanket. This is when the idea of nursing struck me. After that, I decided to complete my Certified Nursing Assistant License at a local community college.

Read for my CNA Clinicals

High school Graduation !!

After high school I went off to school at the University of Northern Colorado as a pre-nursing student. Along the way I did't get grades that would get me into school. I was BUMMED, but I was willing to retake those classes in hopes to someday get into school. Unfortunately, I had some bumps along the way that caused me to change my mind about nursing.  I changed my degree to psychology and finished my last two years of school. As happy as I was to graduate I still felt that I was missing something. All of my friends were getting into nursing school and a few were graduating from nursing school.  I decided that I would give nursing school one more shot. I got a job as a CNA at a nursing home to make sure that this is what I still wanted to pursue. Once again, I was drawn in to the profession.  After this I decided that I would graduate with my Bachelors degree in psychology and apply to second degree nursing programs.

YAY!! I graduated college

TSN (The Student Nurse)

A Little Bit of Me

I started this blog to post about everything that goes on in nursing school. I wanted to document my progress so that I could share it with friends, family and whoever else finds interest! I have just been accepted into a BSN program at The Denver School of Nursing. YAY!! I am totally excited about this new journey. My program is 21 months long and starts April 7th 2014. In just a short few weeks will will be starting classes HOORAY!!
I hope you enjoy!

TSN (The Student Nurse)