Friday, February 21, 2014

In the beginning - Trials and Tribulations

My life long dream of becoming a nurse started in high school. I was in my senior year and my dad was asking me what I'd like to major in when I went off to college. I thought about it hard. Most of my life I have always had a passion of helping other people. Whether it was on the soccer field with ice packs, ibuprofen and bandages or at home with NyQuil, taking temperatures and providing a blanket. This is when the idea of nursing struck me. After that, I decided to complete my Certified Nursing Assistant License at a local community college.

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High school Graduation !!

After high school I went off to school at the University of Northern Colorado as a pre-nursing student. Along the way I did't get grades that would get me into school. I was BUMMED, but I was willing to retake those classes in hopes to someday get into school. Unfortunately, I had some bumps along the way that caused me to change my mind about nursing.  I changed my degree to psychology and finished my last two years of school. As happy as I was to graduate I still felt that I was missing something. All of my friends were getting into nursing school and a few were graduating from nursing school.  I decided that I would give nursing school one more shot. I got a job as a CNA at a nursing home to make sure that this is what I still wanted to pursue. Once again, I was drawn in to the profession.  After this I decided that I would graduate with my Bachelors degree in psychology and apply to second degree nursing programs.

YAY!! I graduated college

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