Thursday, April 17, 2014

First quart - week 1&2

Alrighty! It has been two weeks since the beginning of school and I am just now starting to get in the swing of things. For the April 2014 start date there are two cohorts. They are split into two groups A and B. I am in group B, so I will tell you a about what has been going on for the group B classes. Both groups are taking the same classes with the same teachers, they are different days and times. I am pretty lucky that I have most of my classes in the middle of the day.

Monday: Health Assessment lecture. So far I am really liking this class. It is about basic health assessment, the same one that the nurse gives you when you go to the doctors office. We are currently learning about vital signs, how to document a health assessment, an over view of the physical examination and important instruments that you will need during the health assessment.

Tuesdays: Health Assessment lab. I really enjoy this class because it reminds of when I took my cna course. We are learning how to take basic vital signs. Next week we will be having a blood pressure check off. At the end of the course we have a health assessment check off.

Wednesday: Topics of Professional Nursing. In this class we discuss articles about the nursing profession. We also have to write several papers on different topics of nursing. I think this class will help you get ready for the Nursing research class which is in the second quarter.

My cohort is just beginning to feel familiar. Im starting to remember names and make friends! This is great because several of us ride the light rail together!! I am so glad that I was able to find someone to ride the light rail with, it makes the process so much easier.

I have decided that I want to join two of the school organizations, Student Nurse Association and Global Health Perspective. They have just set up meetings to attend through out the semester, I will give an update on how they are going later in a later post.

 So far I have been studying every free chance that I get. I basically go to school monday- wednesday and study before and after classes. Thursday-Sunday I work and study before and after work.

This is what we get in our nursing kit! I was so excited to finally get mine. Even-though we are given a stethoscope, I ordered one that is better in quality. 

The Student Nurse (TSN)

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